News Round-up: HB 1188

Rafting bill hits rough water

GJ Sentinel – The Daily Sentinel
The Colorado Senate did the prudent thing Friday and halted a rafting-rights bill that had been sailing through the …

Raft bill sinks in legislature
Grand Junction Sentinel – Charles Ashby
Not only would river rafting outfitters have earned the right to float through private land, but everyone else would have, too…

Senate may punt rafting issue to Water Congress
Pueblo Chieftain – Patrick Malone
Some lawmakers want to tackle the issue; others content not to act on it this session…

Rafting bill is thrown overboard
The Durango Herald – Joe Hanel
DENVER – Opponents of a “right to float” bill for rafters have sunk it by turning it into a study. Technically, the bill is still alive…

Good week for future of energy in Colorado
The Durango Herald – Bruce Whitehead
The amendment calls for requiring an evaluation to be done of the criminal and civil trespass issues associated with rafting in Colorado

Controversial river rights bill hung up in state Senate
Steamboat Pilot – Joel Reichenberger
The current legislation came about because of a disagreement regarding rafting on the Taylor River near Gunnison in central Colorado


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  1. […] the controversial right-to-trespass bill, HB 1188, was amended to become a study by the Colorado Water Congress. Senator Al White ran the amendment, […]


  2. “Let’s respectfully spank the six democratic Senators who threw us under the bus,” wrote Monica Piergrossi of Western Voices Public Affairs & Media in a Facebook thread about the status of HB 1188. The Senate Democrats singled out for a spanking were: President Brandon Shaffer, of Longmont; Abel Tapia, of Pueblo; John Morse, of Colorado Springs; Moe Keller, of Wheat Ridge; Evie Hudak of Arvada; and Linda Newell of Littleton.

    Please send messages thanking these Senators for supporting the amendment to HB 1188, along with all of the Senators who voted for the amendment.

    Lee Miller, Burns Figa & Will, P.C.


  3. Posted by Betty Shahan on March 27, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    Did any of you hear the news report on 9 News this morning?!!!! It was NOT a fair and balanced report. It said the rancers were trying to stop a 14? million $ business in the state of colorado because we didn’t want them floating on the river through our property. They said the issue was going to be on the Nov. ballot. I called them and told them that was very unfair, now the people in the big citys will vote againse the rancher. That what we were opposed to was that they were wanting to have a law written so they could tresspass on our property while rafting through our ranch.

    I think we better get after this and let the voters know what this bill is all about. This was my take of the news report. If I am wrong in my understanding please tell how it was intended to be taken by the public.


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