Farm Bureau Proposes Legislation at Caucuses Tonight

Colorado’s precinct caucuses are tonight and in light of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s decision to approve HB 1188, we are asking you to attend your local caucus to push your political party to pass a resolution supporting private property rights.

If you need to find the location of your caucus use the links below.

**Republican Party **Democratic Party

Property rights should be put into the official platform of both the Republican and Democratic Party in every county across Colorado.

Private property rights are under attack in Colorado. We are asking voters to propose the following resolution at the upcoming caucuses. The language of the resolution is simple and fair. We hope that political leaders and party officials on both sides of the aisle will take a strong stand for private property rights in Colorado.

The proposed resolution text is below. Please encourage those at your caucus to amend the language as they see fit.

We believe in the American capitalistic, private, competitive enterprise system in which property is privately owned, privately managed and operated for profit and individual satisfaction. Any erosion of that right weakens all other rights guaranteed to individuals by the Constitution.

We oppose any legislation that would allow public access to or through private property, including access through waterways, without permission of the property owner or authorized agent.

We oppose any state, federal, county or municipal regulations that encroach on the rights of private property owners.


Private property rights are a fundamental and explicit right, outlined in the U.S. Constitution. The right to own property and to restrict access to that property is a foundational principal of the United States.

In the past several years, private property rights have been under assault. Powerful interests have aligned, with help from federal, state and local governments to rob property owners of not only their rights, but of their property as well.

In 2005, the Supreme Court sided with corporate interests in the Kelo v. City of New London. The 5-4 decision held that the City of New London, CT in collusion with commercial land developers could exercise the use of eminent domain in order to strip one private party of their land, and give it to another private interest.

This same scenario is now happening in Colorado. The a bill was introduced to the State Legislature that would allow commercial rafting companies to profit from the use of private land, by stripping private landowners of their right to deny access to their property. By doing this, HB 1188 sets up a clear ‘taking’ under the 5th amendment, without providing for the benefit of the public and without providing just compensation for the landowner.

The attack on private property in Colorado comes from many places.

Landowners in southern Colorado are under threat of eminent domain by the U.S. Army. The Army wants to expand training on its Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site. Any expansion would force historic and economically viable farms and ranches out of business and private citizens off land that has been in their families for generations.

In another area of Colorado, landowners are facing a proposed freight rail line that could force them off their property for the benefit of a private company.

Landowners in western Colorado are facing challenges from a community of citizens who would afford themselves access to any private property for the purposes of hunting and other forms of ‘recreation.’

This has to stop!

Both political parties should take a firm stand to support and defend the rights to private property both in Colorado and across this nation.

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