President Obama Unveils Plans for Doubling U.S. Exports

President Barack Obama unveiled plans Thursday to double U.S. exports over the next five years. “In a time when millions of Americans are out of work, boosting our exports is a short-term imperative,” the president said.

“We are at a moment where it is absolutely necessary for us to get beyond those old debates. . . . Those who once would oppose any trade agreement now understand that there are new markets and new sectors out there that we need to break into if we want our workers to get ahead,” he said.

AFBF applauded President Obama when he announced his goal of doubling U.S. exports over five years in his State of the Union address in January. “Expanded trade opportunities are vital to America’s farmers and ranchers, and we welcome and support the president’s call to export more of our agricultural goods. We appreciated his support for strengthening trade relations with Asia and with key partners like South Korea, Panama and Colombia,” AFBF President Bob Stallman said.

Other trade issues such as the Columbia and Panamanian Free Trade Agreements and the U.S. Mexican trucking dispute have yet to be acted on and/or resolved.

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