Vilsack Announces New Trade Strategy

Facing rising criticism from many legislators on the hill who are frustrated by the lack of action on several Free Trade Agreements, the Obama administration is gearing up for what it calls, a “new strategy” on trade.

In an address to the 2010 Commodity Classic in Anaheim last week, Sec. Tom Vilsack told the assembled producers that his department understands that every market is not the same and that the administration will be doing all it can to approach each market on its own.

“This market strategy reflects the understanding of the sophistication that now takes place in trade – one size does not fit all. And, it’s important for us to tailor our approach in trade to the individual market conditions that we find and we’re prepared to do that.”

Vilsack deflected criticism from former Secretary of Ag Mike Johanns, who told AgriTalk last week that the Obama administration has not done enough to open up expanded trade with Japan. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley this week criticized the administration’s “apparent lack of urgency” in resolving outstanding issues with current FTA’s up for consideration.

(Image: ZimmComm)

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