Ag Safety Awareness Week

Across the country, Farm Bureaus are making safety a top priority this spring through the Agricultural Safety Awareness Program. As a part of ASAP, March 7-13 has been designated as Agricultural Safety Awareness Week.

This year’s theme, “Growing the Most Important Crop,” emphasizes making farms and ranches safer for farmers, their family members and employees with special emphasis on children.

People of all ages, but particularly children, are at risk of injuries on the farm. Educating adults about reducing risks to the children in their care is critical to preventing farm and ranch incidents and fatalities.

“Too many children are injured or hurt each year,” said Richard Connell, safety and health coordinator for Colorado Farm Bureau. “We hope that our participation in this program, will help us teach farmers and their families how to be safe and protect their children on the farm.”

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, 100 children die in farmaccidents every year in the U.S. and many others are injured, often seriously.

CFB Regional Manager Tony Hass demonstrates the dangers of an operating PTO shaft.

That’s why during Ag Safety Awareness Week and throughout the year, state Farm Bureaus are focused on making farms and ranches safer for farmers, their family members and employees.

“We strive to educate as many people as we can, about as many topics as we can each year,” Connell said. “The CFB Safety and Health trailers have really helped our organization bring the safety message to rural Colorado.”

The CFB Safety Trailers attend events around Colorado in which children and adults are shown critical farm and ranch safety and health demonstrations. The hand-on nature of the demonstrations is the best way to ensure that a safety message will be remembered according to Connell.

The annual Ag Safety Awareness Week also recognizes the rich tradition of our farming and ranching culture in producing the safest and most abundant food in the world.

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