Pilot Travel Centers Pulls Support for HSUS

Thanks to an outcry from those in the ag community, Pilot Travel Centers has suspended all future donations to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). A similar event occurred earlier last month between the ag community and Yellow Tail winery.

After discovering that Pilot Travel Centers was making donations to HSUS, hundreds of farmers mobilized on Twitter to flood the brand’s Facebook page in protest.  Within 24 hours of the ag community’s outcry at the proposed donation, Pilot issues this statement…

“We sincerely regret any actions that led to the misperception of our support of this organization. Pilot Travel Centers is a strong supporter of agriculture interests in our home state of Tennessee and across the country.

“Since 2007, less than $52,000 in voluntary donations from customers and employees were collected in stores as part of an employee-driven charity event. The money went to three specific areas: rural animal veterinary care services, disaster relief and a foreclosure fund to help rescue animals left behind in homes during the foreclosure crisis.

“In order to avoid any further misunderstandings, employees will immediately cease collections of donations to HSUS. Pilot corporate has never matched a single dollar of these donations and will not support any organization that has an agenda that works against agriculture interests.”

For the second time in as many weeks, shining the spotlight of publicity on who gives money to HSUS has resulted in a change in policy by supporters of this anti-animal agriculture group. Again, the rapid dissemination of information via the social media networks has played a role and has demonstrated the power of social media in coordination with grassroots campaigns.


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