Daily Sentinel Joins Others in Opposing the ‘Right to Trespass’ Bill

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel has published an opinion column which opposes HB 1188 the ‘Right to Trespass’ bill and has issued a house editorial calling for the measure to be killed. The Sentinel now joins the Pueblo Chieftain and the Colorado Springs Gazette in opposing the bill.

The Sentinel Editorial Board writes in Fridays paper that…

It makes sense to take more time to examine the issues in greater detail — and try to come up with cooperative solutions — than to pass a contentious bill that all but guarantees lawsuits over issues such as private property rights and what constitutes a navigable river.

The Daily Sentinel supports the notion that rafters, canoers and kayakers should be able to float on the larger rivers of this state, so long as they don’t trespass on private property along streambanks. But there are several problems with Curry’s bill, reasons we think the Senate should kill it and allow new ideas to develop.

While the paper and Farm Bureau don’t exactly see eye to eye on some the other major problems with the bill, we agree that the issue needs to be studied more so that an equitable solution can be agreed upon by all interests. The spirit of cooperation that long has prevailed among many rafters and property owners should be fostered, not quashed, as HB 1188 will most certainly do.

*** Members are encouraged to write Letters to the Editor at the Sentinel and thank the paper for taking a common sense stand on this issue. Please send all letters to letters@gjsentinel.com Letters should include name, address and telephone number and should be no longer than 300 words.

Another way to help win the debate is to submit comments to each story on the Sentinel website, just like you do frequently here on The Pulse. Just click the links to either story at the top of this post, scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a comment. Tell readers how you feel about the issue, how it will impact you; or reply to other commentors and set the record straight.

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  1. Posted by Carlyle Currier on March 1, 2010 at 3:56 am

    In addition to an editorial, the Sunday Daily Sentinel also carries an Op/Ed written by Rebecca Frank opposing HB1188. Frank is the wife of fomer Daily Sentinel Publisher George Orbanic and the former chair of the Colorado Wildlife Commission. An important issue to her is the loss of rights of anglers to rafters, particularlly in areas where fishing groups or individuals have purchased land along streams and developed it as private or public fishing preserves.


  2. Thank you, for your informative comments on the House Bill opposing the “Right to Trespass” Bill.
    I am a land owner in Southeastern Colorado. I plead with the State Committees and the Legislature and Judiciary to please take more time in considering all aspects of this bill. Our land is near town, so I can forsee more problems that we have now. Thank you, for your wise consisderation of this issue. Doris Lessenden


    • Posted by Shawn Martini on March 12, 2010 at 5:16 pm

      If you are able I would encourage you to make every attempt to attend the hearing of the Senate Judiciary committee on Monday to let the Senators know in person. It begins at 1:30 on Monday the 15th in the Old Supreme Court Chamber in the State Capitol.

      Hop in the car and bring along a few neighbors and friends. The rafters will be there and we need to be too.

      Hope to see you there.


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