YF&R Chair Uses Multi-Faceted Approach to Farm Evangelism

AFBF YF&R Chair Will Gilmer

Will Gilmer admits days on the family’s Lamar County dairy farm can grow long, especially when the tractor’s radio doesn’t work and he’s all alone with “nothing but time and engine hum.”

“When you get through solving the world’s problems in your mind, you start thinking of other things,” said the 30-year-old, third-generation dairyman, who was profiled in the March cover story of Neighbors, published by the Alabama Farmers Federation.

For Gilmer, those “other things” are usually ways he can tell farming’s story—whether it’s through the farm’s Web site, its Edopt-a-Cow program, his Dairyman’s Blog, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

His is a multi-faceted approach to farm evangelism, the kind of do-it-all strategy he plans to continue in his new role as chairman of AFBF’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee.

“What I want our committee to do is to really get out there the first half of this year and talk about the things we do on our farms,” said Gilmer, who chaired the Alabama Farmers Federation’s Young Farmers state committee in 2008.


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