Legislative Briefs…

Ag Land Valuation Bill Amended….Legislation that created a 13-member land assessment and classification task force for the purpose of studying the assessment and classification of agricultural land was heavily amended in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on Tuesday.  HB 1293 now simply  creates a “task force” that will be made up of four members who are owners/lessees of agricultural property (participants must be actively involved in farming or ranching), 2 county commissioners (one from each side of the continental divide) and 2 county assessors (one from each side of the continental divide).

The Task Force will be chaired by the State Property Tax Administrator and will meet at least 4 times over the interim.  The Task Force is directed to submit a written report of its findings by October 15.  CFB was extremely concerned with the introduced version of the bill due to requirements that would have lead to specific legislation being introduced in 2011.  CFB worked closely with other agricultural organizations to get the appropriate representation on the task force.

Right-to-Float Bill Update…HB 1188 has still not been assigned to a committee in the Colorado Senate for debate.  This indicates that our efforts in reaching out to our Senators and expressing our opposition is working!  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Please continue to contact your Senators and encourage a NO vote on HB 1188.

We can’t let up now!

HB 1188 has huge implications to private property rights in Colorado and we must send the message that private property rights matter in Colorado.  Efforts in Utah paid off this week when the Utah House of Representatives defeated similar legislation.  Let’s match the efforts in Utah and defeat HB 1188!!!

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