Animal Rights Terrorists to Target Researchers Children

From protests and pipe bombs comes the latest in the escalating drama between animal activists and UCLA researchers that use animals in their experiments: protesting at the schools of researcher’s children. “Activists plan on legally leafleting the school in order to educate fellow students what their classmate’s father does for a living,” warns a posting on the blog Negotiation is Over about UCLA neurobiologist Dario Ringac.

This has the science community fuming, or at least the ones willing to speak out. “Is that what we’ve come to? Is this really the society we want to live in? If it’s not, we need to stand up and say so, in no uncertain terms,” writes Janet D. Stemwedel, an associate professor of philosophy at San Jose State University, at Science Blogs.

“Nobody’s kids should be targeted for harassment because you disagree with their parents. We need to call this behavior out, no matter who does it, no matter what cause they hope to further with it,” Stemwedel continues.

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  1. Posted by Janyce Harms on March 7, 2010 at 1:43 am

    This is terrible. I can’t imagine anyone going after someone children. We need to stand up and stop this right now.


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