CSU’s Tony Frank: Back to Ag Roots

CSU’s President, Tony Frank spoke at the Governor’s Forum on Colorado Agriculture last thursday. The new president wants to take the school back to its Ag roots and increase investment in Ag programs. The Fence Post has the story…

CSU President Tony Frank

Colorado State University has drifted away from recognizing the importance of agriculture in the past, but President Tony Frank intends to change that in the future.

Frank, who took over the presidency of the state’s land grant institution less than a year ago, told the Governor’s Forum on Agriculture Thursday that he intends to oversee several changes at the university to chart a new emphasis on agriculture.

“CSU has not made an investment in ag as it has in other areas and that’s unfortunate,” Frank said. But since becoming the 14th president at CSU, he has traveled the state and listening to what people think and want CSU should be doing.

Frank and Craig Beyrouty, who joined CSU as the dean of the college of agricultural sciences in July of last year, talked about changes they intend to make and the future direction of CSU will take.“We cannot be a great land grant university without a great college of ag sciences. We will focus on those areas of agriculture that are important to Colorado and the nation,” Frank said.


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