Legislative Briefs…Week in Review

Update on HB 1188 – Farm Bureau and a growing opposition coalition continue to make this our priority as the bill has passed the House and moves into the Senate. It has yet to be official what Senate Committee this bill will be heard in. Stay tuned….  CFB asks that you continue to contact the State Senators asking for a NO vote on HB 1188.

Supplemental Bills – The House debated and passed the 2009-10 Supplemental Bills to balance out this current fiscal years budget as adjustments and additional cuts had to be made to state departments. The Ag Lobby worked to guarantee that the Department of Ag did not take any additional cuts to their General Fund budget. The bills now move into the Senate and will be heard over in that chamber next week. 

HB 1327 is one of the said supplemental bills. This measure would have completely drained CWCB Construction Fund, along with about a dozen other funds such as the Local Government Permanent Fund and the Processors and End Users of Waste Tires Cash Fund. In the House Appropriations hearing Rep. Curry raised objections to this raid and then Rep. Sonnenberg was successful in getting an amendment to the bill that entirely removed Section 9 of the bill, therefore saving the $20+ Million in the CWCB Construction Fund. Much thanks goes to Rep. Sonnenberg and Curry for leading that charge along with the other Appropriations Committee members that voted in favor of the amendment. The bill successful passed through the House with Section 9 still omitted from the current bill.

CAWA Meeting – The Colorado Ag Water Alliance met on Wednesday afternoon at the CWCB office in Denver to discuss current legislation impacting water and ag. They heard updates from Mike Sullivan with the State Engineer’s Office regarding the San Luis Valley well rules, Ray Alvarado with CWCB regarding the Colorado River Water Availability Study, Todd Doherty with CWCB on the Alternative Agricultural Transfer Program, and Eric Hecox with CWCB on the Basin Round Tables. Senator Mary Hodge and Commissioner of Ag John Stulp also addressed the members.

For the week of Feb. 22-26 – The Senate will spend the majority of the week on the Supplemental Appropriation Bills.  In the House, HB 1123 (Sonnenberg) “No Arson in Controlled Ag Burn Case” will be heard on Monday in the Judiciary Committee. CFB is Supportive. HB 1101 (Baumgardner) “Farm Truck Registration” will be heard on Tuesday in the Transportation and Energy Committee. CFB is Supportive with the amendment. HB 1098 (Levy) “REA Elec Coop Bd of Director Elections” will be heard on Thursday in the Transportation and Energy Committee. CFB is in Opposition.


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