HSUS Moves Closer to Issue 2 Reforms with Petition

The Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, created just three months ago, is already facing reform from proposed HSUS measures.  The Humane Society of the United States recently sent a petition to Attorney General Richard Cordray with 1,700 signatures gathered from voters in 48 counties.  A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch looks at both sides of the argument from OFB spokesman, Joe Cornely and HSU President, Wayne Pacelle.

Joe Cornely, spokesman for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, said the Farm Bureau will oppose the measure if it gets on the ballot.

“To us, this is one step in what we believe an extremist movement to remove meat, milk and eggs from our plates,” he said.

If the petition language is approved, the Ohioans for Humane Farms will have to gather 402,275 valid signatures of registered Ohio voters spread across at least 44 of 88 counties to get on the fall ballot.

The group wants to require the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board — the panel created by passage of Issue 2 last fall — to adopt “certain minimum standards that will prevent the cruel and inhumane treatment of farm animals, enhance food safety, protect the environment and strengthen Ohio family farms.”

Among the practices the issue opposes are “extreme confinement” of animals and fowl in cages for months, banning sick and injured “downer cows” from being used for human consumption, and ending “inhumane methods of euthanasia for sick and injured animals.”

“We wouldn’t cram our pets into cages barely larger than their bodies for their entire lives, and we shouldn’t subject farm animals to this inhumane and unacceptable confinement either,” stated Wayne Pacelle, president and chief executive officer of the humane society. “All animals deserve humane treatment, including animals raised for food.

“The people have spoken on Issue 2, and we accept that,” Pacelle said in an interview. “We don’t see this as an override of Issue 2. This is a build-on to address some of the most serious issues.”

Even before the bill passed the November vote, the HSUS threatened a separate ballot initiative for November 2010 if the Board was approved. In the coming months the Ohio Farm Bureau will work with members and other organizations to keep HSUS initiative off the ballot in November.

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