CFB Legislative Conference Well Attended

Members pose on the west steps of the Capitol before calling on legislators.

It was record attendance at the recent 2010 CFB Legislative Conference held in Denver. The number of members making the short trip to Denver far exceeded those of recent years. The current political climate in Washington and at the state level is the reason for the increased interest in the yearly offering.

“Members see whats going on in the news, both in Colorado and in D.C.,” said CFB Executive Vice President Troy Bredenkamp. “I think the legislative conference provides a way for our members to make sure they know what is going on at the Capitol.”

Members attending the conference have access to the latest information and are able to speak with their legislators directly, about the issues affecting them on a daily basis. The second day of the two-day conference is dedicated to Calling on the Capitol. Attendees spend several hours meeting with lawmakers inside the state capitol, attend legislative committee meetings, testify on bills, and watch proceedings on the floor of the House and Senate.

“This year, many Farm Bureau members are worried about rising taxes and fees and they were right to worry. Today alone, lawmakers in the House passed eight different tax increases,” said Alan Foutz, CFB President.

At least three of those measures will directly affect agriculture in Colorado.

Legislators also know the stakes are high. The dinner at the legislative conference was highly attended by lawmakers from around the state.


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