Animal Activist vs. Animal Agriculture

WASHINGTON - JULY 27: President and CEO of The...

Wayne Pacelle of HSUS

The recent issue of the Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) “The Scoop” e-newsletter for animal shelter employees features a HSUS President Wayne Pacelle criticism of agricultural organizations — particularly the American Farm Bureau. He writes…

“The trend toward improved treatment of farm animals is spreading, and that has agitated agribusiness interests, particularly the American Farm Bureau Federation and perhaps even your own state or local Farm Bureau.”

“The newly crafted plan of some local, state, and federal Farm Bureau organizations is to try to divide the humane community, in order to undermine support for humane reforms in agriculture,” Pacelle goes on. “As such, some state Farm Bureaus … are making a concerted effort to forge relationships with local humane organizations. … In some limited number of cases, the Farm Bureaus are even donating to sheltering organizations in order to buy goodwill.”

It is clear that Pacelle is frustrated by actions being taken by Farm Bureau and other animal ag groups to keep HSUS and other activists from damaging our industry and slandering our families. Perhaps it was Issue 2 in Ohio, or AFBF President Stallman’s recent address, but it is clear that Ag should expect a counter-punch from radical animal rights groups in ballot boxes and public forums across the country.

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