McInnis Makes His Pitch to Ag Producers

Scott McInnis, former Congressman and candidate for Governor, stopped by the CFB Legislative Conference this afternoon to speak about his stance on agriculture and other issues around the state.  McInnis was introduced by his wife, Lori McInnis and she expressed her support for Scott and shared a bit about their family history here in Colorado. 

Scott spoke briefly about his stance on job creation in Colorado and then took questions from conference attendees on his plans for the future of the state.  Many questions centered on Pinon Canyon and the debate over whether government takeover of the land is appropriate.  McInnis expressed that if a willing seller exists, he or she shouldn’t be prevented from selling their property to the government.  However, McInnis has also taken a stance of opposing any taking in the form of eminent domain.  Before leaving the conference, McInnis made a final statement about his passion for Colorado and his desire to serve both the rural counties as well as cities of the state.


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  1. Posted by Carolyn Helstrom on July 13, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    McInnis is a veteran politician and not to be trusted. I would like to know more of he did for the “citizens” of Colorado while in office as a Congressman. Did he “listen” to his constituents or just “yea”, “ney” for “HIS” projects that benefited him after office. Selling anything to the government right now would be diasterous. Currently the government is not allowing as much grazing as they had been for the ranchers. What does this do to the ranchers? Run them out of business? No, the government is not to be trusted, therefore I would not support Scott McInnis. The world has changed – Scott McInnis has not.


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