Legislative Conference: Afternoon Session

The afternoon session of the legislative conference has wrapped up after a busy discussion of upcoming bills on both the local and national level, as well as a Q & A with Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Hodge. Crystal Korrey, Director of Public Policy, led the discussion for House Bills 1123, 1158 and 1101.  HB 1158, which focuses on the clarification of wind rights, drew a number of questions from members ranging from wind vs. mineral rights and what counties and the state could do to improve turbulence and noise issues.

Troy Bredenkamp, Executive Vice President of the Colorado Farm Bureau, discussed the importance of the “Don’t Cap Our Future” campaign and it’s impact here in Colorado as well as across the nation. Troy also touched on S787, or the Clean Water Restoration Act. He clarified the Farm Bureau’s position of opposition and stressed the importance of the term “navigable” within the current bill. The terms inclusion in the bill has the potential to allow government control of nearly every drop of water that falls on the state. Bredenkamp said the Farm Bureau would be monitoring this bill closely and calling for amendments.

State Senator Mary Hodge (D-Brighton)

To close out the meeting, Senator Hodge stopped by to answer member questions as well as explain some of her view on bills working their way through the Senate and House Committees. Hodge’s most stunning statement came when discussing HB 1190, which calls for the suspension of state sales and use taxes exemptions for fuels used for industrial purposes. She referred to the bill as potentially one of the most damaging to the Agricultural industry but she made no bones about the fact that she will have to vote for the bill. Conference members questioned and probed her on this statement to which she wouldn’t budge. As the afternoon portion of the conference came to a close today, many members pledged to speak with Senator Hodge at the evening’s reception and dinner.

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