South Platte Task Force Holds First Meeting

Members of the task force listen to a presentation on water law in Colorado.

Members of the newly formed South Platte Task Force held their first official meeting Monday. Lee Miller, a water lawyer from the firm Burns, Figa and Will gave a presentation about the history of water law in the state of Colorado.

Background on the Task Force –

At the Annual Delegate Meeting in November a motion was made on the floor to form a task force to look into the Sr./Jr. issues of the South Platte Basin. The Directive is as follows:

“CFB shall form a working group to find solutions to the ground water and surface water conflicts.”

Lee Miller of Burns, Figa & Will

To further guide this process, the CFB Board of Directors has commissioned a task force made up of one Farm Bureau member from each South Platte River Basin county. The CFB Board has offered the following question as a focus for the task force:

Recommend and report to the CFB Board of Directors what can be done from a public policy perspective to increase water usage in the South Platte River Basin given the real and current parameters set forth by current Colorado water law including the 1969 law, the 1974 augmentation requirements and Colorado Supreme Court decisions.

The CFB South Platte Taskforce will complete this charge in no more than 4 face to face meetings and make a report of their findings to the CFB Board of Directors at the April 20, 2010 Board meeting.

Task Force Members:

Don Hirsch, Adams County
Jules Van Thuyne, Boulder County
Bob Bee, Larimer County
Dave Hernandez, Logan County
Gary Weibert, Morgan County
Jim Tomky, Phillips County
Chuck Powell, Sedgwick County
Veryl Eschen, Washington County
Gene Kammerzell, Weld County
Alan Foutz, CFB President (exofficio)
Don Shawcroft, CFB Vice President (exofficio)
Bruce Bosley, CSU Extension (Moderator)

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