Poaching Egg Farmers?

California State Capitol in Sacramento

Other states are making trying to lure egg producers away from California in the wake of last years passage of Prop 2. Lets hope they are successful.

From the Wall Street Journal…

A year after Californians approved stricter rules on the treatment of farm animals, Idaho and other states are trying to lure away the Golden State’s poultry and egg farmers with promises of friendlier regulations and lower costs.

In Idaho, as lawmakers convened Monday, Republican state Sen. Tim Corder said he would introduce legislation designed to attract California chicken farmers who might consider relocating. In Nevada, Pershing County is aggressively recruiting poultry farmers in California, the nation’s fifth-largest producer of eggs. Georgia’s poultry industry also has reached out to some California farmers in a bid to woo them eastward, California egg-industry officials say.

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On Sunday, Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, one of the nation’s largest farm groups, implored farmers at an annual convention in Seattle to “aggressively respond to extremists who want to drag agriculture back to the day of 40 acres and a mule.” He applauded Ohio for passing a state constitutional amendment last year creating a “Livestock Care Standards Board” that would set animal-treatment rules.

Economic-development officials from Pershing County, Nev., recently visited egg-industry officials in California to pitch Nevada as an alternative home. “We wanted to let them know that we do have the land, the climate, and we’ll work with them,” said Kathy Johnson, the county’s economic development director. “We don’t have these stringent regulations that are being imposed now in California.”

In Idaho, where there’s currently little poultry production, Doug Manning, economic-development director of the town of Burley, said he wanted to offer incentives to poultry farmers as a way to increase jobs and tax revenue in the area. He has heard from a few California farmers who “are looking at some options,” Mr. Manning said. “We said, ‘When you’re ready, give us a chance.’ “

Idaho is no stranger to California farmers. In the past decade, the state has attracted scores of dairy farmers from California seeking cheaper land and less regulation.


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