Legislature Convenes: Time to Rock and Roll

City and County of Denver
The City of Denver is balancing the NWSS and the start of the state legislative session.

As the current legislative session kicked off this week here at the Gold Dome there is much anticipation for what is in store over the next four months. Being an election year and now with a lame duck Governor, many questions hang in the air.

With the National Western Stock Show currently happening not too many miles away many legislators have been decked out this week in their hats and boots which should help serve as a reminder that the Ag Industry is alive and well in this state and has no intention of sitting back quietly on the sidelines this Session.

The first round of bills was released Wednesday afternoon and CFB Staff is currently sorting through them all to determine what water, wildlife, transportation, natural resource, land use, and immigrant worker issues we will engage in as we move throughout the next few weeks.

Clearly the state budget remains a priority with many proposals, but the bottom line is that the 2010-11 budget will not be dealt with until after the March 20th economic forecast is released. But before then Farm Bureau will have to deal with the supplemental bills which will balance out the current year’s budget for 2009-10.

Committee hearings will start next week with many State department reviews and briefings. Legislators are optimistic of bipartisan agreements as many tough issues will hit their desks. The Ag Community has gathered around many tables this week as notes and talking points are prepped to lead the charge on critical issues such as water, food policy and immigration.

The CFB Legislative Conference is just around the corner and we look forward to seeing many more hats and boots here in Denver!

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