AFBF Women’s Luncheon

The women of the Colorado delegation.

 The women of AFBF gathered Sunday for the Women’s Leadership Recognition Luncheon. AFBF President Stallman was in attendance. He commended the attendees on taking the first steps toward leadership roles and urged them to continue on their paths.

AFBF President Stallman models his paink ballcap.

Each state was recognized for their work in 2009. Colorado’s Angela Ryden accepted an award for Colorado’s Women’s Committee and the committee was recognized for their stellar fundraising during the silent auction at the State Annual meeting. Vice Chair Sherry Saylor was appreciative of the committee’s auctioning of Troy Bredenkamp, the Executive Workhorse.

Ron Nereson and Charles Ryden show that they are tough guys in pink.

All attendees were presented with pink Farm Bureau ballcaps to present to legislators in their home states and a photo was taken of all attendees showing their support by holding up the pink ballcaps in support of the Don’t Cap Our Future campaign.

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