General Session Highlights

Kimbal Rssmussen, Deseret Power and Transmission

Kimbal Rasmusen of Deseret Power and Transmission in Utah, spoke at the General Session of the 09 Annual Meeting and confirmed much of what we all suspected about the global warming “crisis.” Kimbal id a great job of explaining the data surrounding the global warming models that predict our coming doom, and the large assumptions that scientists had to make in order to receive the predictions they claim are foolproof. He also showed us the absurdity of the Cap and Trade scheme when looked at in the global context. The legislation will have no effect on any global warming that may be occurring, if China and India the worlds largest emitters of GHG’s, do nothing to slow their contribution of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. You can access the Rassmussen Powerpoint Presentation here on The Pulse to view the information yourself.

Dr. Dana Hoag, CSU

Dr. Dana Hoag of CSU was also on hand at the General Session to present his study on the costs to agriculture from the states wildlife population every year. Dr. Hoag’s study has found that every year, it costs Colorado agriculture $67 million to coexist with the states wildlife. This figure includes the opportunity cost of coexistence, damages and management and prevention. You can read the full report here. Dr. Hoag’s study was comissioned by Colorado Farm Bureau in order to understand the full measure of the agricultural contribution to the states wildlife population.

Georgia Farm Bureau President, Zippy Duvall

Also at the General Session, Georgia Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall introduced members to theirFarm Bureau partner down south, surveying Georgia agriculture and the traditions and culture that make up the soul of Georgia Farm Bureau. Later that evening Mr. Duvall also spoke to county farm bureau presidents.

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