Don’t CAP Our Future Update


Troy Bredenkamp, Executive Vice President


Since the introduction of the Don’t CAP Our Future Campaign, you have done a great job signing caps, signature cards and posters. I encourage you to continue to do so. Ask your neighbors to sign the online petition. So far there have only been 25 people from Colorado sign the AFBF online petition and we need your help to get that number higher! You could also ask you neighbor to sign a signature card. Better yet, ask if they have caps they would like to donate to the campaign. We need more caps!

Please remember to bring them in to your local Farm Bureau Insurance office, give them to your regional manager or bring them to the upcoming CFB Annual Meeting.

The Cap and trade plans currently before congress are specifically designed to drive up the cost of energy and will reduce the productive output of American farmers and ranchers. Productive and fertile land will be take out of production to grow trees, food prices will increase and more people overseas will go hungry.

Ag groups across the country are lining up to oppose (with a few notable exceptions) the Cap and Trade plans before congress. Please help CFB do its part in protecting the interests of farmers, rancher and American consumers across this great land.


Troy Bredenkamp


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