Mule-Headed Bunch of Farmers…

Actor and political fundraiser, Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman says Mississippi is “starving” for the right leadership, so the actor is using his celebrity status to help his friend run for governor in 2011. Freeman has written a fundraising letter and is one of the hosts for a cocktail party in Los Angeles next week for Bill Luckett, an attorney seeking the Democratic nomination. Term limits prevent Republican Gov. Haley Barbour from seeking a third term.

“Reform in Mississippi is hard because the base stock of this state is a mule-headed bunch of farmers,” Freeman told The Associated Press on Sunday. “Those farmers have ruled the roost for so long because this is an agricultural state.”

Mississippi Farm Bureau President David Waide said in a letter in response to Mr. Freeman’s comments that,


Mississippi Farm Bureau President, David Waide

“I was greatly disappointed in Morgan Freeman’s recent comments referring to the base stock of this state as a ‘mule-headed bunch of farmers.’ I think Mr. Freeman is very shortsighted when he refers to the progress that has been made in Mississippi and to the bulk of the population as being agricultural.


“I would remind Mr. Freeman that, as the result of the farmers of this state and nation, the food we consume requires less than one-tenth of our take-home pay to purchase. I would also remind Mr. Freeman that, as a result of the American farmer, instead of 50 percent of our population being involved in the labor force to produce the food and fiber we consume, less than 1.5 percent of the population is required in agriculture’s workforce today. And we are still able to export more than 30 percent of the production from this nation’s farms, which is a tremendous help in balancing our foreign trade deficit.”


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  1. Posted by Amber Clay on October 31, 2009 at 12:25 am

    I loved David Waide’s end comments in his letter, in which I’m paraphrasing, but instead of criticizing agriculturists he should be thanking them for contributing to his millions of dollars of wealth. Because Americans have so much disposable income due in large part of the affordable food, they are able to spend that money on movies in which he stars or produces. He should be throwing us a parade, or at least sending a card of thanks!


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