Editorial Boards Take Different Positions on CWRA

This week the Denver Post Editorial Board took the wrong position on the Clean Water Restoration Act. Despite urging by the Farm Bureau and other interests that the language of the bill was too broad and would drastically expand federal authority, the Post Ed Board seems to be enamored of the concept of congressional intent, saying,

Presently, Congress is considering the so-called “Clean Water Restoration Act” to repair the damage done over the last decade, and we wish them godspeed. Congress is well within its right to seek to clarify the intent of the CWA, and to the extent it honors that intent, we think the change is reasonable.

The Clean Water Restoration Act will make virtually any 'wet spot' in the country subject to federal regulatory authority.

This despite three separate rulings by the Supreme Court that said the scope of the original Clean Water Act is too broad.

On the other side of the state, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel has taken the responsible position on the issue.

Sen. Russ Feingold, sponsor of the Clean Water Restoration Act in the Senate, attempted to resolve the confusion by eliminating the word “navigable” from the description of what the law covers. But critics say that opens up virtually every wet place in the nation to federal oversight, trumping state water laws and local land-use policies. Congress can avoid that by clearly defining the language of the Clean Water Act, not simply eliminating troublesome words and thereby opening up the possibility of even more confusion and more legal challenges.

We applaud the Sentinel for their leadership and responsible position on the CWRA. Members are encouraged to write letters to the editors of both papers regarding the two opposing positions on the CWRA. You may submit letter to the Post here, and to the Sentinel here.


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