No Help for Pine Beetle Problem

Beetle kill trees are growing ever more numerous in Colorado forest land.

It seems there is still no good news when it comes to the pine beetle epidemic that is killing millions of trees from Colorado to British Columbia.

Panelists at a University of Wyoming forum agreed yesterday that there will be no way to stop the pine bark beetle epidemic spreading throughout the northern Colorado and southern Wyoming mountains.

Steve Currey, the Medicine Bow National Forest’s director of renewable resources, told an audience at the UW College of Law that one reason the forests “are more mature and somewhat less healthy is due to the good job the Forest Service has done over the past 100 years in fire suppression.”

It is a shame they have not done as good a job at managing the forests in an effort to control population and tree health or this epidemic might not have occurred.

Pine Bark Beetle

Pine Bark Beetle

Radical environmentalists bear much of the blame for the poor health of our forest lands in this country and in Canada, things are no different.

Today The Pulse learned that in B.C. Canada, Forest Minister Pat Bell refused to open and re-assess forest use plans in the face of increased tree loss due to pine beetle kill. Bell had said earlier this week that if the province (British Columbia) does nothing in response to the beetle damage “there is a very real possibility that we will run out of trees.”

Bell’s refusal to re-open usage plans comes in response from the timber industry’s request to re-consider some of the land-use decisions that have removed timber from the working forest.

“I disagree that you need to re-open land-use plans in order to mitigate the mid-term timber supply fall-down. And we certainly don’t need to look at protected areas. We would not support that as a government,” Bell said. “We need to get that off the table right away.”

God forbid we desecrate the Holy Grail of hands-off forest management, even in the face of a potential die-off.


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