Egypt Regrets Culling Swine Herd

Pigs were champion garbage consumers in Cairo. Goats don't seem up to the task.

Back in May, when fears about H1N1 influenza were spreading across the globe, policy makers in Egypt ordered that the entire Egyptian swine herd be culled.  Now its causing a little bit of a trash problem. It’s piling up in the streets.

Ostensibly the move to cull the swine herd was an effort to stop the ever increasing threat of a global pandemic courtesy of the ‘swine flu.’ But with scientists and leaders around the world and in Egypt pointing out that the flu virus did not originate and pigs, and that no pig in Egypt had been diagnosed with the virus, it became clear that the “threat of swine flu” was just a handy excuse to persecute Egypt’s Christian minority, the Zabaleen.

The Zabaleen are an ethnic and religious minority group who have for decades, acted as Cairo’s trash collectors. They used their 300,000 head strong pig herd to consume the organic waste produced by Cairo’s citizens.

Now, with the Egyptian government having killed the entire herd, the Zabaleen have no way to dispose of a large part of the trash. Residents are realizing that the government’s misguided attempt to prevent H1N1 flu and to take a swipe at the Christian community has backfired; and they are left holding the bag, the trash bag that is.

Just more fallout from the H1N1 alarmists of the world.

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