Lincoln Says Cap and Trade Bill ‘Deeply Flawed’

Sen. Ag Committee Chair, Blanche Lincoln D-Ark.

Newly appointed Senate Ag committee chair Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark, made it clear today that she opposes the “deeply flawed” Waxman/Markey Cap and Trade bill. At a meeting with NCBA in Washington D.C. she told the cattlemen that her party “will have a tough time passing the legislation.” No doubt in small measure to other industries and non-Ag media picking up on the devastating effect the legislation will have on American Ag.

Although her position puts her squarely in opposition to those in her own party, she may not have to go-it-alone. Congressional democrats will also have trouble with coal-state democrats who fear what the legislation will do their state’s economies.

According to DTN’s Chris Clayton…

Lincoln said she prefers Congress move ahead with a stand-alone energy bill that would promote more renewable energy in electricity transmission, tacking on potential tax incentives for renewable energy as well.

Still, Lincoln said a climate and energy bill should clean up the environment, create jobs and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil without pitting one region of the country against another, Lincoln said. “That cap-and-trade bill in the House didn’t do all of those,” she said.


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