Stand Up for Domestic Energy!

Are you concerned about where our energy comes from?  Do you worry that prices will go up again, and your input costs will skyrocket?

As you know, the United States has some of the most stringent and protective environmental laws in the world.  We also have world-class energy resources, and the technology to safely recover them in the waters of the Outer Continental Shelf.

Today, you have an opportunity to add your voice to thousands of others across the country, and let the Interior Department know that we need to continue to develop the resources we have here at home. The Department’s Minerals Management Service is currently collecting public comments on their 5-Year Plan for oil & gas development.  They have a chance to continue to include areas off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, as well as Alaska, in the Plan – keeping all areas open to leasing and development.  However, Secretary Salazar has said that the final plan might remove some of those areas – closing off some of our nation’s vital resources.

One of our partners, the Consumer Energy Alliance, has an easy-to-use Web site, where you can add your name to a letter today, and help us make sure that we will have as much domestic energy as possible.

Click Here to Sign a Letter Today!

Please help us send a clear message to Washington, and sign a letter today.  For more information, go to


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