An Update from the Field

Things have been busy out here with the beginning of a new school year, late summer farming jobs and other commitments. Our hog operation continues to be busy and we’re so excited to be sending several hogs to the National Western Stock Show.

There are also a few other hog-related developments that are exciting. The Vermillion family was in the hog business for years long before Jason and I dove in. One uncle was forced out in the 1980s when the market collapsed and another uncle passed away unexpectedly nearly 10 years ago. When this particular uncle passed away, his two boys tried their hand at keeping the family business afloat. Between finishing school, attending college and working off the farm, it was no easy road.

There were a few hogs left out of the uncle’s original bloodlines and we had the opportunity to purchase them and we didn’t hesitate. We brought the sows and gilts down to our farm and started making plans. Jason’s uncle once sold to a number of youth showmen around this area and we’re glad to follow in those footsteps. The part that’s even better is that we’ll be breeding these females this fall and those litters will be keeping original family bloodlines alive. There is such strong heritage within the farming and ranching communities in this area, it’s such a blessing to be able to keep some of that heritage at the forefront of our operation.


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