TIME Writer Admits Piece was Slanted

Bryan Walsh, who wrote a damning article on modern agriculture in Time magazine, admitted in an AgriTalk interview with Mike Adams Monday morning that the story took the angle he wanted to pursue rather than presenting both sides in a balanced, objective manner.

He said it’s been a trend at Time to have “more stories angled toward the point of view of the writer.” In other words, TIME Magazine is no longer a news outlet, but an opinion journal.

“Rather than just doing the sort of story where you do 50 percent on one side, 50 percent on the other, you allow the writer to look at it and make some of his own judgments,” Walsh said.

He said he looked at the information and thought, “This is the angle I’d like to take.”

His article wasn’t just critical of big, corporate farms, but rather a system that includes many family farms as well. In the radio interview Monday morning, Walsh said he understands the concern that many family farms could have about his story.

The article quotes numerous entities critical of modern farming, such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production, several disenfranchised farmers dismayed about how agriculture has changed, organic advocates and others who sell their farm and food products based on criticizing the products and processes of mainstream farming and ranching.

Many groups have condemned the article, including the NCBA and the American Meat Institute. Farm and ranch broadcaster and host of the daily show Loo’s Tales Trent Loos also released a blistering commentary about the article.

Lisa M. Keefe of Meatingplace.com has also posted an interview with Bryan Walsh TIME Magazine.


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