COOL for Fuel

Growth Energy has today announced its launch of a new initiative to require the Country of Origin Labeling of fuel.

The Label My Fuel initiative would create a COOL standard similar to requirements already in place for common consumer items, including apples, beef, cars and coffee.  The goal is to help create consumer awareness of the costs and national security implications of the nation’s addiction to foreign oil.

General Wesley Clark, Co-chairman of Growth Energy, made today’s announcement at the 2009 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill., the nation’s leading exhibition of advanced technology, business practices and manufacturing for today’s agricultural producers.

Clark also unveiled Growth Energy’s, which showcases the costs of American dependence on foreign oil, and serves to rally grassroots support for Congressional action on COOL for fuel legislation.

“Most Americans don’t want their paychecks going to Venezuela and other regimes that don’t agree with and support the U.S. Requiring country of origin labeling of our fuel supply will empower consumers with the knowledge and ability to make informed decisions,” said Clark.


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