Ag Commissioner Stulp Clarifies Budget Cuts

At the meeting of the Colorado Ag Council on Friday, Comissioner of Ag, John Stulp said that for the 09-10 budget year his department would remain fully funded.

Clarifying the Governors budget plan, he said that the proposed $680,000 cut to the department’s Inspection and Consumer Services Division will be backfilled with money from the state’s Ag Management Fund. Money from the fund would normally be used to fund conservation grants and as a contingency fund for the state fair. No full time employees would be let go this year.

The Comissioner also warned ag council members that the department would seek to raise fees on services provided by the Inspection and Consumer Services Division in the upcoming legislative session. The legislation would raise fees that would normally be subsidized by general fund money. Some services provided by the Division would be raised by 25-50%.

Rep Kathleen Curry told those present that she would not immediatly support a fee increase unless it was supported by the ag community as a whole.


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