Twitter Users Develop Pro-Ag T-Shirt

Andy Kleinschmidt, an Ohio State University Extension Agriculture Educator and Assistant Professor in Agronomy, and Jim Chen, dean of University of Louisville School of Law, recently collaborated on Twitter to develop a T-shirt that promotes the unmistakable benefits that agricultural production has for the environment. Buy one today!

Andy describes the genisis of the shirt on his blog, Agriculture in Van Wert County, Ohio

The idea for this shirt came from Jim Chen, Dean and Professor of Law at the University of Louisville during a live Twitter discussion.  Dean Chen’s (known as @chenx064 on Twitter) original quote was “I try to describe agriculture as applied environmental protection, just as agricultural economics is now applied economics.”  I’ve known that agricultural economics is described as applied economics and also applied agricultural economics, so that was not new to me. BUT I had never heard agriculture referred to as ‘applied environmental protection.’  Brilliant! I thought the saying should be made in to a shirt, and with Dean Chen’s blessing I made the shirt via Zazzle.

Colorado Farm Bureau is a regular contributor to Twitter and converses regulary with Prof. Kleinschmidt. You can find Mr. Kleinschmidt on Twitter at @akleinschmidt and Dean Chen at @chenx064

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  1. Posted by Tyler Bradt on August 14, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    How is agriculture protecting the environment?


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