Rachel the Showpig

DSC_0009Whew. The county fair season has concluded for us. The ribbons are home, the animals are sold and kids are beginning to look ahead to the start of school.

I tend to keep a mighty close eye on the hog show regardless, but this year there was one little girl and her pig I was keeping really close tabs on.

One of Jason’s littlest livestock judging kids is little Mikaela. This year, all of her show pigs were given names beginning with the letter R and her Duroc, the redhead, was named after another redhead in her life…me.

Rachel the Showpig has had my attention for several months because, afterall, it’s not every day you get a pig named after you, especially one that shares your hair color.

DSC_0099Miss Mikaela did a great job showing at the fair and was racking up the awards. When the dust cleared, she won Reserve Champion Goat, Champion Junior Master Showman, Champion Junior Goat Showman, Grand Champion Market Hog and Reserve Champion Market Hog. Did I mention that this is her first year in 4-H?

Rachel the Showpig won Reserve Champion honors and her red hair looks great in pictures. Congratulations to all of the 4-H and FFA showmen around the state
and good luck for a great school year.


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