More Animal Rights Terrorism in Europe

Animal rights terrorists and extremists in Europe have had a busy couple of weeks. A terrorist group in Switzerland claimed responsibility Thursday for torching the home of Novartis CEO Daniel Vassella.

The group, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, which opposes the actions of the company Huntington Life Sciences, claimed responsibility for the attack. Novartis and other pharmaceutical companies are customers of Huntington Life Sciences.

In a statement posted on a direct action website, the group said they had petrol bombed Vasella’s hunting lodge. “Understand this: this will continue until you sever all ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences. We will attack your private life wherever possible,” the statement said.

For his part, Vassella has rightly called the actions of the group ‘terrorism.’

“When you try to terrorize people and you burn their houses, when you desecrate graves and when you make death threats, to me that is way beyond activism and I would call this clearly terrorism,” Daniel Vasella said in an interview on CNBC television.

Swiss authorities believe the same group is responsible for the desecration of the gravesite of Vasella’s parents. Vandals sprayed a family gravestone with the slogan “Drop HLS Now”, police said. An urn containing the ashes of Vasella’s mother was reportedly stolen.

Other recent incidents include graffiti sprayed in Vasella’s street saying “Vasella is a killer. We are watching you.” Employees’ cars have being damaged and there was a fire at a Novartis sports facility in France in May.

Industry Voices

Cyndi Young of The Brownfield Network puts in her Two-Cents this week by talking about this, the dark side of animal rights.


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