Farm Animal Care Bill Passed Michigan

Michigan’ s House Agriculture Committee passed new versions of House Bills 5127 and 5128, bills to make streamlined standards for farm animal care state law. The measures were somewhat different than when they were introduced.

Along with other revisions the Animal Care Advisory Council has been expanded from 10 members to 12 members, two of which now represent the general public. Farm audits will no longer be confidential under a compromise with some legislators.

Unlike the vocal opposition the Humane Society of the United States has expressed, the nation’s oldest humane organization, American Humane Association, supports the legislation and submitted written testimony.

American Humane Certified Director Timothy Amlaw wrote, “We believe that agricultural interests in Michigan are on the right course by being proactive and addressing animal welfare standards with an effective and economically viable plan and within a reasonable time frame.”

Michigan Farm Bureau supports science-based animal care standards and believes this legislation provides a modifiable system for ensuring that livestock farmers are caring for their animals in a manner that supports animal health and food safety.


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  1. […] The new law exempts research, veterinary treatment, transportation, at rodeos and state fairs, and during slaughter. In the case of pregnant sows, the housing requirements apply up to seven days before expected birth. […]


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