Mike Rowe Works!

MrWMike Rowe, of the hit show Dirty Jobs has made it no secret that he is tired of our country looking down on good old fashioned hard work. As he made clear in a speech (the video of which was posted earlier on this site) to a group of IT professionals, our country has forsaken skilled labor and the traditional work ethic not because blue collar jobs are unimportant, but because they are not celebrated. As he writes in a letter to President Obama

“Community Colleges are routinely described as ‘alternatives’ to ‘proper’ education. Madison Avenue bombards us with messages that equate happiness with leisure. Hollywood portrayals of hard work usually embody an element of drudgery or some silly stereotype, and jobs once considered vital to our society are now simply overlooked.”

According to Mike, we have declared war on Work! We should no longer look down upon “good hard work” and our country needs to be reinvigorated in its perception of Work. Mike made it clear that he wants to celebrate skilled labor and hard work, and the contributions its practitioners make to this great country.

Mike is a guy who puts his money where his mouth is. He has launched Mike Rowe Works.com The website is a public awareness campaign designed to hold up the contributions of skilled labor and reinvigorate the value of hard work.

Go and take a look at the site. It’s a great resource for news and information about the business of hard work. There is a forum section for anyone who is involved in the trades, or who just wants to voice their opinion or talk about work.

Trent Loos, the founder of the agriculture advocacy group, Faces of Agriculture thinks Mike Rowe is the best man to stand up for agriculture and for good hard work. Trent explains himself below.

There is also a specific forum for people based in the agriculture industry, which mike has covered extensively on his show. Stop by the site and make a few comments about the contributions that agriculture makes to our country.

You can also follow Mike on Twitter


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