Lessons from Mom

It’s County Fair time around these parts and I seem to be up to my ears in Fair time. I’ve been involved in 4-H as a participant, coach and judge for 23 years. Yikes.

One of the contests my sister and I always completed in was the Sheep Lead. We always enjoyed fitting our breeding ewes though I can’t admit that wearing a wool outfit in August was overly pleasant.

I traveled to Kiowa last week and had the opportunity to judge the Sheep Lead but the best part was having the opportunity to judge the show alongside my mom. We make an interesting judging team to say the least. I have a tendency to be a bit intimidating and my judging team members and students will attest to this fact though I’m baffled to why they feel this way. I was asking the girls questions about back fat, days on feed and phenotypic challenges.

My mom, on the other hand, called each of the girls by name when she gushed over them and made them feel special. We balance each other. In the end, the girls in the Elbert County Sheep Lead did a fantastic job and there is no doubt about the quality of the agriculturally involved youths growing up in this area.

Today, I’m off to the Lincoln County Fair on Hugo to judge the goat and sheep show and I’ll be taking some tips from my mom and how she makes the kids feel on show day.


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