AFBF Action Alert- Cap and Trade

The American Farm Bureau Federation is asking state Farm Bureaus across the nation to assist in mounting a major grassroots campaign focused on global warming legislation during the August congressional recess. The key message: senators should take a fresh approach and avoid the mistakes of the House, which produced a highly flawed bill.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) is the chief sponsor of the House-led global warming legislation

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) is the chief sponsor of the House-led global warming legislation

Farm Bureau members are encouraged to make their voices heard on this matter that is so vital to agriculture. They can access AFBF’s Capwiz issues page, (, to learn how global warming legislation would negatively impact U.S. agriculture. On that page, members can send an e-mail or letter to their senators outlining the importance of food and fiber production and how global warming legislation would put American agriculture at a competitive disadvantage.

During the August push, Farm Bureau members can access the new FBAct Insider Web page (, which outlines FBAct (the Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) – AFBF’s grassroots policy action program. That page also features news and analysis of the climate change issue, as well as other issues important to the organization.

AFBF is also part of the Energy Citizens Coalition and rallies will be held in a number of key target states during August and early September. Several of the rallies correspond with state fairs and are in the same location.

Senate Action Expected this Fall

Your Senators Need to Hear From You to Stop this Huge Increase in Regulations, Energy and Farm Input Costs

Climate change supporters claim there will be droughts, floods, fire, loss of species, damage to agriculture, worsening air pollution and more, if the Senate does not pass the Climate Change bill.

Fear-mongering is driving the need for passage – not facts! The Climate Change bill does nothing for Climate Change – it’s an energy bill.  And, it’s not only shameless, but wrong.  This is the kind of rhetoric we ask you to stand against today.

voice you opinion and tell our Senator’s to vote no on this shameless piece of “legislation” Take action now!!


Visit the AFBF Action Alert website to learn more about the issues facing our industry.


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