Activists Step Up Opposition to Roundup Ready Sugarbeets

Anti-Agriculture activists in Boulder County have stepped up their efforts in the media to slander and malign sugarbeet production on open space land. Activists are lining up to attack the Roundup Ready Sugarbeets that local farmers have requested permission to produce on county-owned open space land.

The Boulder Daily Camera has a story on sweeteners in their Food section that examines the environmental impact of sugar production from various sources. It focuses heavily on the energy required to produce and refine each type of sugar; as if no other food crop requires energy to grow and refine.

The Boulder Daily Camera also reports this morning about 40 people protested genetically modified sugar beets Wednesday morning, waving “No GMO” signs as cars sped through the intersection of Broadway and Canyon in Boulder.

The Denver Post also reports on a group called Transition Colorado who is sponsoring a screening of the radical French-made documentary film “The World According to Monsanto” at the Nomad Theater in Boulder.

In the film, Monsanto is portrayed as an international conglomerate bent on controlling the world’s food production.

“The film is pretty strong,” said Michael Brownlee of Transition Colorado in Boulder. “It’s the kind of film that, like many have said, can inspire a whole new generation of farmers.”

A spokesman for Monsanto said the film is so biased that the company prefers to not even legitimize it with a formal response.

It should be noted that Michael Brownlee is also a member of the Boulder County Food and Ag Policy Council. The Council will rule on the Boulder farmers request tomorrow, Friday July 30th.

Cynthia Torres, another member of the Council has written a blog post about her experience so far in dealing with the controversy.

The ruling from both the Food and Ag Policy Council and the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee will be taken into consideration by the Boulder County Comissioners who will issues a final ruling on the request on August 25th.

The Open Space Committee has already issued a favorable recommendation to the Commissioners.


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