Rushing Waxman/Markey an ‘Act of Folly’

In testimony before the Senate Agriculture Committee Thursday on the massive global warming bill, American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman encouraged members to analyze the issue closely, carefully and thoroughly and make sure that it is as beneficial as possible for the agriculture industry.

“On a matter that could affect our nation for literally decades to come, it would be the height of folly to rush to judgment in a matter of days or weeks,” said Stallman.

Stallman maintained that an agricultural offsets program administered by the Agriculture Department is an essential cost-containment measure, but revenues from offsets will only partially defray increased costs and not all agriculture sectors will benefit from offset opportunities.

“Inclusion of an offset program is not the complete answer,” said Stallman. “Even with a robust agricultural offset program, the bill still does not make economic sense for producers because a number of sectors will be not able to participate.”


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