Welcome to The Pulse

Welcome to the new and improved Colorado Farm Bureau communications site, The Pulse of Colorado Farm Bureau. We are updating our communications strategy to keep you better informed!

The Pulse is now the central location for CFB news and information. Members are now able to follow up to the minute stories and happenings in agriculture and the legislature through the newly redesigned Pulse communications site. This new site provides Farm Bureau members with a more flexible, interactive news service. You will see  video, audio and photos in the news stories that are important to you.

This new site increases Farm Bureau’s response time by keeping up to the minute news in front of you, all day long. Those who wish to follow closely every day will have fresh, timely news; while those who prefer to check only a few times or once a week will still have the opportunity to read a summary through the Friday email detailing the headlines of the week.

screenshot copyThe new format also allows you the reader, to leave feedback on any story you would like. Tell us what you think, respond to a question raised, ask for more information on a subject or story, anything! Just click on the Leave a Comment’ button at the top of every post. Its a great way to start an online conversation ans discuss the issues that are important to you.

We hope you like and take advantage of this new tool, if you have questions contact Shawn Martini at smartini@colofb.com or 303-749-7505.


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