National Ag Day Celebration a Success!

IMG_0045 by you.The celebration of National Ag Day in Colorado was deemed a huge success by many people attending the celebration at the state capitol. In honor of the contributions that agriculture makes to our national economy, our national identity, and to our world, Lt. Governor Barbara O’Brien, Speaker of the House Terrance Caroll, and other legislators took part in an antique “Tractorcade” at the Capitol last Wednesday.

 The Tractorcade began at Cheeseman Park and made its way down 14th Ave. to the Capitol with the help of DPD parade escorts. The bipartisan group of honorary drivers included, Lt. Gov. O’Brien, Speaker Terrance Carroll, Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, Rep. Wes McKinley, Sen. Jim Isgar, Rep. Randy Baumgardner, Sen. Chris Romer, and Sen. Greg Brophy. After taking a short ride around the Capitol parking lot, the drivers parked their tractors and attended a press conference to honor the day.  View pictures from the event on the CFB Flickr Page.


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