Important to Let the Public Know About Ag

Liz Doornink, a Wisconsin dairy farmer, addressed attendees at the 2009 Maryland Dairy Convention in Frederick recently. She told them that farmers should seize every opportunity to tell their story. Doornink encouraged her audience to always find time to let people know about agriculture to counter negative impressions about what farmers do. Doornink and her family own Jon-De Farm Inc., a 2,400-acre dairy farm in Baldwin, Wis. The farm has 1,550 cows and grows corn and alfalfa.

“In order to save our industry, save our right to production choices, we need to tell our story. Your story and your voice are important. In order for my children to become fifth-generation dairy producers, I need to ensure that our country understands what we do, how we do it and why we do it,” Doornink said.

“Each time you send a letter, give a tour, speak in a classroom or share with a friend, you are implementing public relations that will benefit your family and your business. Don’t wait for someone else to do the job,” Doornink said.


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