CA Sets Sights on Fuel Emissions

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has issued proposed regulations to reduce transportation fuel emissions. The public has 45 days to submit comments on the proposed regulation, which would require fuel providers to sell cleaner fuels. The regulators expect the proposed rule would supplant some 20 percent of the fuel used in the state. The alternative fuels would include biofuels, hydrogen and electricity.

The proposed rules have generated stiff opposition from the corn ethanol industry, which is arguing that the new rules would penalize ethanol. The industry also argues that greenhouse gas emissions from indirect land use change in the calculation of biofuel carbon intensity should not be used because such impacts aren’t used in the same calculations of other fuels.

The level of intensity is determined by the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced during the fuel’s production, transportation and consumption. Intensity for biofuels would include emissions based on the premise that greater demand for feedstocks drives prices up worldwide. That, in turn, leads to clearing lands for planting profitable biofuel crops.

AFBF supports the Renewable Fuels Standard, which allows for a solid foundation for grain-derived ethanol to continue growing, while encouraging significant new investment in second-generation biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol and biomass-based diesel.

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